Vacuum Cleaners for Sale

Have you recently purchased Smart Strand or Silk Strand carpet and your current vacuum won’t work on it?
We have quality vacuums that will work on any carpet! Come see us, and we’ll find the perfect machine for you.
You want your home to be one of the best places on Earth. Keeping it clean and healthy is the first step, and a great vacuum cleaner is one of your most important tools. The right machine reduces dust and allergens and helps your carpets last longer.

Personalized + Helpful Service

Choosing the best vacuum for your home is easy with Abbott’s Vacuum Center. We are locally owned and operated. It says “Abbott’s” on the front because the Abbotts are inside! We provide an inviting, neighborly experience, and we live and work to help others.
We have more than 39 years experience in the business and we know vacuums inside-out. We look forward to helping you make your home one of the best places on Earth.

New Vacuum Cleaners: Abbott’s Has the Top Brands

Among all the manufacturers in the world we have selected the best and most cost-effective and longest lasting machines to offer our customers. We have machines to fit every budget, from reconditioned units to brand new machines from top manufacturers. Our favorites include:

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners: Durable and Reliable

Our most demanding customers are those who make their living cleaning homes and offices.
We have the best commercial machines available along with the parts and expertise to keep them running efficiently for decades.

Reconditioned Machines

If you’re not yet ready to purchase a new machine, come by and see our selection of good reconditioned vacuum cleaners. Perry and Frank do a full checkover and thorough service on every reconditioned machine, and back them with a one year warranty.

We’re waiting to help you today!

Call us today at 208-936-4699 (Nampa) or 208-375-8888 (Boise), or stop by one of our locations!