Zone Heaters

Save Money on Your Heating Bill without Sacrificing Comfort

A great way to save money in the cool months here in Idaho is to heat only the rooms you use. Our zone heaters offer efficient, cost-effective comfort in handsome packages. They are so good, we use one to heat our showroom!

Economical + Beautiful

With propane and natural gas prices climbing, it’s always good to have a portable heat source. By heating only the areas of your home that you frequently occupy, you’ll reduce your energy bills without having to bundle up indoors.

What is Zone Heating?

Zone heating is just what it sounds like — turning down your central heating system and using a small, portable heat source — a zone heater — in the rooms you occupy most often. You’d be amazed at how much money you can save without sacrificing comfort!

How? By heating a smaller area for a shorter amount of time, and with a higher-efficiency zone heater, you can save cold, hard cash on your energy bills.

The average homeowner can reduce heating bills by 3% for every one degree the central heating system is turned back, according to the US Department of Energy.

Heat your Home in Comfort and Style

Among all the manufacturers in the world we have selected the best and most cost-effective machines to offer our customers. We have machines to fit every budget, from reconditioned units to brand new machines from top manufacturers. Our favorites include:

Riccar Summer Breeze Zone Heaters available at Abbott's Vacuum Center in Nampa, Idaho

Riccar Summer Breeze Zone Heaters

Cleverly disguised as an elegant side table, the Riccar Summer Breeze easily moves from room to room with you.

Heat Surge Amish Electric Fireplaces available at Abbott's Vacuum Center in Nampa, Idaho

Heat Surge Electric Fireplaces: Amish Crafsmanship

These beautiful zone heaters look like a built-in fireplace. Real Amish craftsmanship goes into each mantle.

Get a Jumpstart on Your Utility Bill Savings!

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